I currently work at Tomball College in Tomball, Texas, where I am a "Specialist III, Multimedia", which is a fancy title for an Audio Visual Coordinator (everyone has to have a title). I support the faculty with audio-visual equipment and services, as well as graphics and multi-media design, Interactive TV, telecom, photography and presentation help.

I have a Bachelors of Businesss Administration degree, with a Concentration in Music Business, from Belmont College in Nashville. A nice, generic degree with which to impress no one in particular outside of the Music Industry. I was hip deep in it for a while (with a modicum of success), and left it with no regrets (there are paths of hippocracy and incompetence I refuse to travel).

I consider myself a "jack of all trades," being self-employed and also having had a variety of different jobs in various career fields; audio and video design and production, radio, graphic design and photography. I'm even published, appearing on www.photo.net, in their travel section. I've written an article for them on "Photography Travel Tips" with a revised edition of the article here. I also maintain a business website: www.hargettenterprises.com that showcases my photography work.

For those who are interested, here's my resume:

615 Clarence St.
Tomball, TX. 77375
(832) 515-9335


To continue to use my skills and education in a career that allows career development, offer challenge, responsibility and open end potential.


10/95-Present: Specialist III, Multimedia at Tomball College, 30555 Tomball Pkwy, Tomball TX, 77375
I provide training, support, assistance and guidance to faculty and staff needing instructional technology and multimedia communications services, the use of audio, video, presentation and computer/networking related multimedia hardware and software and on-line streaming services and support for classroom instruction and presentation, both for in-class and via distance learning use.
I coordinate and carry out all college event multimedia activities, both on and off campus, including: video/audio producing, recording and directing audio and video works utilizing linear and non-linear digital audio and video editing, production, recording, duplicating, photography and web streaming.
Administrative and management duties include: the supervision and coordination of part-time employees and hired contractors; departmental equipment checkout and return; budgetary recommendation; inventory and maintenance of equipment, supplies and accessories, and scheduling and tracking of all instructional and event requests.
I make and coordinate regular assessments of service support scheduling to maximize organizational effectiveness and time management, as well as emerging technologies and investigate their impact on organizational effectiveness.
I recommend and coordinate the acquisition of new and replacement instructional equipment and software, accessories and supplies; and the recommendation and maintenance of budget line items.
I am responsible for coordinating all aspects of both event pre-planning consultation with the client and on-site coordination of service and support for media related requirements and all booked events related to the audio-visual activities of the college.

10/95-Present: Adjunct Faculty – Continuing Education & 3D Animation & Gaming Program at Lone Star College -Tomball, 30555 Tomball Pkwy, Tomball TX, 77375
taught a variety of Continuing Education and Workforce Development subjects, from Digital Sound, Digital Photography, HTML Coding and Internet Graphics to 'How to Buy and Sell on eBay'. I have also been a Darkroom Lab Coordinator for LSC-Tomball's Photography Department.

10/90 - Present: Contract Work ($85/hr; $350/day) through Hargett Enterprises
I provide adjunct and contract services such as theatrical production sound design, sound system design and integration, audio/video recording engineering and production, audio visual and display technology design, website instruction and design, website management, film and digital photography, graphics design, and audio/video production coordination on a contract basis. I also provide consultancy in specifying, installing and supporting all aspects of sound design, presentation design, and public address systems. Some recent contractors are Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago, The Actors Studio in Houston, The Texas Renaissance Festival and The Tomball Regional Arts Council. I also provide contract website design and administration, the most recent being for the local Quail Forever Chapter, and my own professional photography website of www.hargettenterprises.com.

4/94 -10/95: Audio/Visual Coordinator for Swank Audio/Visuals, 12400 Greenspoint Park, Houston, TX. 77060
I provided audiovisual and multimedia equipment setup, operation and tear down at the Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel client contracts.

5/93 -1/94: Graphics Designer at P.P.C. Graphics, 810 Highway 6 South, Houston, TX. 77079
Responsible for all aspects of creation, from concept to implementation, of multi-media presentations for training programs, from video graphics design, graphic arts production, slide and color hard copy creation, scanning and editing digital photos, to location setup and display of the graphics programs using various big screen projection systems.

3/88 -10/90: Video Production Specialist for Reliability Inc., 16400 Park Row, Houston, TX. 77084
This was a "one-man-shop" position responsible for all aspects of video production and creation of multi-media presentation material for all training, sales and informational programs. My duties included concept and script writing, planning and scheduling production and post production tasks, shooting all video footage in the field and the studio, lighting and staging of the shoot, recording and mixing audio both in the field and in the studio, voice-over and background music production, titling, character generation, creation and insertion of graphics and computer graphic arts productions, to setting up and directing multi-camera shoots and tape duplication. Also responsible for various photographic work for both sales materials and monthly news letter production requirements, as well as audio P.A. system setup and operation and multimedia presentation and display. Administrative duties included talent and production coordination, budgeting of projects in a charge-back system of accounting, and budgeting for capitol expenditures.

Belmont College, Nashville, TN.
Bachelor's of Business Administration, 1985
Concentration in Music Business

Part-time radio work at KNUZ-AM, KJOJ-FM, Metro Traffic Control and WNAH-AM in Nashville, TN.
College internships with CBS Records and Audio Media Recorders in Nashville, TN.
I mixed and recorded sound professionally for 2 years in Nashville and since 1978 in Houston for both audio and video productions, both live and edited.
I have been a professional musician both here and in Nashville with trumpet and tuba performance.
I have acted in several local theatrical productions.
I have mixed and recorded sound for local area churches since 1978, as well as been a sound designer for various local and national theatrical stage performances, both professional and educational.
I have produced and recorded audio/video performances at local professional, educational and religious venues.
I have also worked as a staff photographer and sound technician for The Texas Renaissance Festival

Born: 1/22/63, Marital Status: Single, no children


MAC & PC Computer-based off-line, non-linear digital audio/video editing technologies
Various A/B roll video editing systems and EDL capable technologies
Various professional ENG video technologies
Various on-line character generators and computer titling technologies
Various multi-track digital/analog audio recording technologies
P.A. and sound processing and reinforcement technologies
Various digital/analog video and audio broadcasting technologies
Various professional celluloid and digital photographic and lighting technologies
Various scanners and other external graphics production technologies
Various video and theatrical lighting technologies
Various computer networking equipment and peripheral technologies
Various streaming/capturing technologies, i.e. Video Furnace, Cisco, Tanberg and digital signage technologies
Various instructional technologies such as Teamboard, SmartBoard, Mimio, and various classroom capture technologies


Windows XP, 7
Mac 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.7.5 Mountain Lion
Adobe Master Collection Suite CS4, CS5 & CS5.5; MAC or PC
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple iLife & iWork software packages, such as Keynote, & etc.
Corel X4 Software Package
Microsoft Office 2010 / 2011 Mac & PC Products
Microsoft Office Visio
Toast, Easy Media Creator, iDVD CD/DVD recording and authoring software
Internet HTML Coding
Internet graphics design and website software
Off-line video editing products
Audio/Video compression codecs
Audio/video streaming software
Various classroom capture systems, Angel, BlackBoard, and etc.
iStar, SNOW, and PeopleSoft system software products